The most exotic medicinal mad honey in the world.

Only a tablespoon of medicinal mad honey is enough to unclench your jaw, soften your forehead, relax your shoulders, and provides relief to your body and the mind. 

Medicinal mad honey

What’s unique about Medicinal Mad Honey?

Rarest in Nature

Remarkably, only the world’s largest bee- Apis dorsita laboriosa, collects honey from the nectar of the Rhododendrons and wildflowers. Also, it only grows in a few places and with collection only twice a year, making it a rare honey.

Presence of Grayanotoxin

The giant honey bee makes its nectar on the flowers of the rhododendrons, resulting in the presence of Grayanotoxin. Due to this, the mad honey has some recreational effects that relieves your stress and lighten your mood.

Naturally harvested

Without using any additional props, the Gurung community hunts for honey. Since its collection is ancient, following the footsteps of their forefathers, the mad honey has no additives and is naturally processed.

Happiness Packed Inside The Jar

This unique mad honey comes with exceptional health benefits due to its rare  elements. It helps you  from easing a cough to an anxious mind.

Betters rheumatism & arthriti

Improves Sleeping disorder

Relaxes a stressed mind

Stimulates a better sex life

Reduces gastrointestinal disorders

Maintains cholesterol level

Soothes cough, & sore throat

Controls blood sugar level & diabetes

Betters rheumatism & arthritis

Reduces gastrointestinal disorders

Improves Sleeping disorder

Maintains cholesterol level

Relaxes a stressed

Soothes cough & sore throat

Stimulates a better sex life

Controls blood sugar level & diabetes

Medicinal mad honey

Enjoy Medicinal Mad Honey with:

Mad Honey Variations

Medicinal mad honey

Medicinal Mad Honey (250 GM)


Medicinal mad honey

Medicinal Mad Honey (500 GM)


Medicinal Mad Honey (1 KG)



100% Pure medicinal mad honey


A Smoky flavored, reddish-like maple syrup, this medicinal mad honey is proven medicinal honey with potent and mystical properties from the high mountains of Nepal.

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mad honey hunters

About Hunters

The indigenous  community of Nepal known as the Gurungs- harvest honey twice every year. From a young age, they have been practicing honey hunting to preserve their own culture. Just like walking on thin ice, the honey-hunter walks on nothing but the risky handcrafted ropes with little to no safety for collecting honey.

As a part of the hunting community, we have come up with an enticing honey hunting expedition twice a year at the exact time of honey harvesting from April-May and September-October. Join us if you are interested in some ripple of excitement for yourself.

Frequently asked Questions

After the intake of Medicinal Mad Honey, you will find your body relaxing, your mind alerting, and end up making you more delightful. However, the intensity of effects vary from person to person depending on one’s body sensitiveness and reactiveness. The effects start after 20 minutes to 1 hour of consumption and then lasts for around 3-5 hours. Also, we recommend you to take proper dosage.

Yes. As the honey bees collect honey from the nectars of the Rhododendron, which contains the grayanotoxin.

It smells aromatic, it tastes bitter-sweet, and looks reddish brown.

You should consume no more than a spoonful of honey at a time

Yes, our Medicinal Mad Honey is completely non-pasteurized and preservative-free honey as we directly collect it from the honey hunter community.

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